Graham Cochrane

sslSo you want to know what kind of gear I have in my studio, do you? Well, if what I mix or master your tracks with makes a difference to you, then here’s what I have:

  • A hot rodded SSL G Series console
  • Racks and racks of vintage outboard gear (think Fairchilds, 1176s, LA2As, Pulteq Eqs)
  • The best D/A converters money can buy
  • Expensive hand made studio monitors of which only 12 pairs exist in the world
  • A custom Mac Pro built by the late Steve Jobs himself!

Of course I’m just joking. I don’t have any of that stuff. Are you kidding me? The console alone would cost well over $100,000. Even if I had that kind of money I wouldn’t spend it on gear. I run a site called The Recording Revolution for crying out loud!

In The Box

In reality I mix and master totally “in the box.” That means no mixing console or fancy outboard compressors or EQs. Newsflash, the future is here and it’s called a computer. And I’m not alone in this trend. Some of the industries leading mix engineers are working exclusively in-the-box: Justin Niebank (Taylor Swift), Robert Orton (Lady Gaga), and Charles Dye (Bon Jovi) just to name a few.

Currently I’m running Avid Pro Tools 10 with a lot of great plugins that I love and have used on many records with fantastic results. And don’t worry if your mixes were done in some other DAW, I can import your wave or aiff files straight into Pro Tools.¬†Oh yeah, did I mention that mixing in the box sounds great? Who knew?!