Graham Cochrane

Are you looking to become a better mixer/producer? Then do yourself a favor and check out my site The Recording Revolution. It’s chalk full of tips, tricks, and video tutorials. But perhaps you’re in need of some customized, one on one training. You might have a specific issue you want to work out. Or you might just want to bounce some ideas off of another engineer.

Coaching Sessions

Everyone has a unique set of needs, which practically cannot all be addressed on the blog. This is where Coaching Sessions come in to play. You’ll get my undivided attention and expertise focused on your unique challenges and circumstances. Here are some examples of subjects covered with clients in previous Coaching Sessions:

  • Mix critiques. Get a complete breakdown and analysis of your mix.
  • Pro Tools training. Pro Tools user? Let’s optimize your system to better meet your needs.
  • Songwriting. Together let’s dissect your song and re-work it for maximum impact.
  • Starting your studio. Not sure what equipment to use in your studio? Want some advice on getting the right setup? We can cover that too.
  • Starting your business. Some of you are getting your mixing/recording businesses off the ground and want some insight into planning, pricing, etc.

It’s your time, so feel free to use it how you see fit. There are a million things we could cover, but it’s all up to you. That’s what makes the Coaching Sessions so effective. They are driven by you. Custom tailored to your needs.

Coaching Session Rates

It doesn’t get any simpler than this people. I charge by the hour, with two hours as the minimum. Most people shoot for just two hours, but you are welcome to book more than that. It all depends on your needs.

Coaching Session Training – $250/hour  – Skype or Google+ session | Personalized training directed by you

Need some advice? Want custom training? Need someone to listen to your tracks? You need a Coaching Session! Let’s do this…