Graham Cochrane

Mixing – Mastering – Customized Training

So you’ve likely spent hours upon hours recording your latest project. From songwriting, to arranging, to actually getting the mic placement right, you’ve poured everything you have into your tracks. And they sound good. You know they do.

But they could sound better!

That’s where I come in. No, I’m not the world’s “best” audio engineer (although I like to think I’m pretty good), but I do have one thing you don’t have: a second set of ears. By having someone else mix or master your project, your tracks can reach new heights with a fresh perspective and set of creative ideas.

So take a few minutes, look around, listen to some samples, and see if you like what you see (or “hear” really). If I fit your budget and your musical tastes, then perhaps we should work together!

When you’re ready to start a project (or just have a question) send me a message here!